Spend Your Summer Usefully

As a student, you’ll get a long summer break. In my case, I got a good four months off between years.
Here are my top tips on how to use your summer to your advantage when you’re a student. They won’t cost you a fortune, either!

Get a Summer Job

Okay, so this is easier said than done with the current climate, but there are stores looking for student employees. If you prove your skills during one break, they’re more likely to ask you to cover other breaks, too.

You can find jobs in your home town or in your university town, if you live elsewhere. I opted for a job in my university town, and it was one that I could continue while I was studying. They even kept me on after I graduated.

The benefit of a summer job is you build some employment skills. This is especially beneficial if you keep going back between breaks in study, because you prove a valuable worker to take on.

You’ll also make some money in your summer months when you have no student loan. This is great for securing your summer accommodation, create a savings buffer for your student months, and for financing your socializing between years.

Build Your Course Skills

Studying in your summer break seems a bit dull, but it will help you in your course. While you don’t have work to do during the break, you can always set yourself some. Make a commitment to strengthen your skills.

This is great if you struggled in the last year. You can spend the summer going back through your notes and getting yourself ready for the next year. If you’re friends with people in the years above you, ask for their notes so you can get ahead with the reading and be prepared for the new semester.

Depending on your course, you may be able to find tutorials online to help you. I wish I’d done this with my summer break. I might have gotten a better grade at university! Instead, I focused on my writing skills.

Develop Your Hobby Skills

Okay, so maybe focusing on my writing skills wasn’t that bad. It’s landed me the job I have today.
Using the summer on your hobby skills is a great outlet, and you never know what it could help you do. In fact, some hobbies can even make you money!

When you’re asked by employers what you did with your summer, you may even have something to show for it. Create a blog, start designing products, or create websites. You’ll be surprised at the type of skills employers find useful. Really, you just show that you are productive with your time.

Get Out and See the World

There’s something to be said for worldly experience. You get the chance to visit new countries and experience new cultures.

You might not have the money to go far, but make an effort to visit one new country. Many of them won’t even cost you too much.

Why is this really that beneficial? Because you show that you do have interests in other things. You get to taste the life that others live, especially if you go out to the local places and attempt to learn the language. You’ll also get a break from studying and thinking, which is sometimes better than building employment skills.

It’s time to use your summer to your advantage. How are you doing to do it? You don’t need to do any of the above. They’re just ideas to get you started. Enjoy your time, because I promise that you won’t get it back.