Save Your Money Right

These tips may not sound like a lot of fun at first, but think about having that extra cash. You’ll be able to spend more when socializing with friends, or even save up for the next year or years ahead. When emergencies happen, you won’t panic about where to find the money from.

Here are four top student discount tips to really save when using them.

Check the Terms

Money off vouchers or deals to save a percentage will always come with terms. There are certain standard ones. You may be limited to using discounts on their own, or they may have an expiration date.

But there are some terms that people forget to check, making this one of the most important student discount tips.
Find out whether the discounts require a minimum spend first, or check to see if there are certain days of the week that the vouchers can be used on. Not reading these terms could soon lead to you spending much more than you expected.

How Much Were You Going to Spend?

Most of the terms involve a minimum spend. It could be spend £10 to save £5 or spend £40 to get 10% off. Whatever it is, you need to determine whether it is forcing you to spend more money.

This is the way the companies get the money from the vouchers and discounts. They encourage you to go in, even if you weren’t planning to.

So, one of the first things you need to do is determine the amount you were going to spend. Are you trying to make up the minimum amount just so you can save money? Will you end up spending more than you would save?

If you weren’t going to spend the minimum anyway or were going to spend less than you will when using the discount, you need to walk away.

Always Ask About Student Discount

One of the biggest mistakes is to not ask about student discounts when at the till. Many businesses won’t advertise that they offer student discount. They don’t really want you getting the money off. And they’re not expecting you to ask about the discount due to embarrassment or not wanting to deal with the hassle.

You just have to ask when they’re scanning your items. And make sure you ask at every store you go into. You’ll be surprised at the stores offering student discounts.

Even the Co-op has started offering student discount! How many of you knew that!

Of course, when you’re using this one of the three student discount tips, you need to make sure you have your student card with you. Think about it before you go anywhere to avoid the disappointment of asking and then finding out you still have to pay full price!

Look for Discounts Before You Shop

It’s not hard to look for voucher codes and discounts before you go shopping. There’s no need to collect magazine clippings and pick up newspapers anymore. The majority of discounts are found online.

You can also sign up for discounts to be sent directly to your email. One of my biggest student discount tips is to watch out for the amount of email letters you sign up for. It’s easy to end up overwhelmed by them.

If you find you don’t get anything useful after two months or so, scrap that email list; chances are nothing will come up in the future.

Are you ready to make use of these student discount tips? Hopefully they’ll help you actually save money using vouchers and codes, rather than spending more than you originally planned.

Do you have any other student discount tips that you want to share? Maybe you have horror stories of being conned out of more money to save a little. Feel free to share in the comments below.