Five tips to settle into your student accommodation

However, you don’t need to panic. This is a time to enjoy the freedom of being alone.
Many have been in the exact same position as you.

You’re Not Alone

Remember that others have been in that position? Well, others are currently in that position.

Everyone you move in with is placed in the exact same shoes you are. They’re unlikely to know anybody, and have all the same apprehensions.

This is of course if you’re moving into halls of residence, or another type of flat share where you have no idea who the other people are. Set your mind at ease knowing that there are others who feel just the same as you.

Don’t Worry About Making New Friends

You will make new friends. There’s no need to worry about it. Yes, there will be some people in the flat you don’t quite get along with, but there are others who will become friends for the next three to four years, and even for life.

I know how hard it is to put your past behind you, but make a pact to start fresh on that first day of university. Forget about the mistakes you’ve made trying to make friends in the past, and focus on being genuine and friendly. People will warm to you.

Everyone is going to be apprehensive at first. Some people are shy and won’t talk, while others want to get to know you over a drink. This is what Fresher’s Week is for!

Explore the Area Around You

Take a trip out and explore your surroundings. Check out the shops that are nearby, find the gym or the local clubs and spend some time just taking in the sights.

You could invite some of your new flatmates along. But it is worth taking some time out to yourself. One of the hardest parts of moving somewhere new is not knowing your way around. And the only way you’ll find that is by exploring.
Watch out for the dangerous parts. It’s worth talking to local people and finding out about the areas that you should avoid, especially at night.

Meet Your Neighbors

It’s not just your flatmates you need to get to know. You will have neighbors. I had another flat across the hall from me, and a whole tower block of flats. There were tons of people to get to know.

You’re not going to get to know everyone, but you will make friends with others in your building. This is worthwhile too. You never know who you will end up clicking with.

Don’t try to do this in one day. It will take you the course of the year to get around everyone, depending on the size of the building. And you want to spend quality time to get to know everyone, right?

This is something you should do every time you move somewhere new. Your neighbors can end up being people to rely on in the event of an emergency.

Set Up Your Room Just the Way You Like It

It’s time to make your new home feel just like home. Have posters of your favorite bands up, and put up your own decorations. You could also move the furniture around—watch out for clauses in contracts that charge for not putting everything back the way you found it!

If you’re a fan of flowers, why not buy yourself some and add them to your room? You could hang your own drapes and even add seasonal decorations at different times of the year. This is your space, and you need to treat it like that.
One of my bookshelves was covered in mementos from home. When I was getting really homesick, I would just have to look at them and it would put a smile on my face.

Settling into your student accommodation is possible, and does not take the whole year! It’s all about creating bonds with the people around you, and finding your way around the new city. Eventually, you’ll feel like you’ve been there for decades.