What You Should Bring To The Lecture

There isn’t a wrong or right answer to this. I read one lecturer tried to ban laptops and tablets from her classes, but it wasn’t exactly practical. I know if I was her student I would be having a word about the practicality of it. When I was in class, I preferred to type directly on my laptop. It saved having to type up the notes again, and I’m a quicker typer than writer.

But it doesn’t work for all. I know one student who prefer notebooks. He would draw mindmaps rather than scribble down all his notes.

There was also the problem of size. Now it’s much easier. You can take a tablet to your classes. It’s small enough to hold and light enough to carry in your bag. That was the option my husband had when it came to taking notes in class.

So, which is better for you?

Here are some student tips to help you decide.

What do you prefer? Do you prefer to write by hand, or is typing on a laptop or tablet computer better for you? If you hate writing notes, are you really going to write much down during your classes?

Which is quicker? Do you type faster than you write? If so, having a laptop or tablet could be better for you. It’s also worth thinking about time after class. Will you have to waste time typing up your notes if you write them?

What subject do you do? As a computer science student, having my laptop was often better. I could type the code directly into a program when it was one of my coding lectures. I could make the program work on my own laptop, and save it for when I got home. I wouldn’t have needed the laptop as much as a sociology student, for example.

What about taping the lectures? Is that something that could work for you? Recording lectures would allow you to listen back to them, and you can usually do this from your own laptop or tablet. However, there is the risk of the microphone picking up other noise or the recording not working.

Hopefully these student tips will help you decide the best for your class needs. Remember it is a personal choice. Think about the way that you prefer to take notes and what you like to do with them after class. Streamlining your processes will help you get on with learning and have more time for socializing.