Fresher’s Week is almost here

Well, it’s all about planning and preparing for the week. You need to make the most out of Fresher’s Week and your first year at University, and these five tips will help you do just that.

What Are You Really Interested In?

Don’t do things that your flatmates are doing, just because they’re doing it. This is the time to make new friends with those other than you flatmates. And the best way to do that is by joining a group that really interests you.

You’ll find likeminded people, and will meet all sorts of interesting people. You’ll also meet people in other halls of residence buildings for those nights that the fire alarm goes off.

But there are so many different groups, right? Well, how about thinking about the three things that really interest you. You’ll find sports clubs and societies within your university that suit your interests.

Love football? Go along to the football taster session. Really want to help charities? Most universities have a charity society. Mine was called RAG (Raise and Give).

If you only do the ones that you’re really interested in and really have a passion for, you’ll have more time to do other stuff around campus.

Set Stuck Into Conversations

The whole point is to make new friends, remember? So, make the most of Fresher’s Week by getting stuck into those conversations. Talk to the people at the tasters sessions and say hi when you’re in your induction classes.

Your flatmates will usually be the first people you meet. Spend some time in the common areas and get chatting to them. They’ll be a great set of people for your first couple of nights out.

While you’re out, chat to the people around you. Join groups of random people and join in with the fun. Most universities will have guides during Fresher’s Week. They’ll be there to help people get talking and teach them all about the drinking games and social events at the university. You’ll usually find groups within the unions, so mingle with them.

Attend Your Inductions

Your inductions are the chance to get to know people on your course, as well as finding out what you’ll do this year. You’ll find your way around the building, and get to know most of the textbooks that you’ll need.

Make sure you attend these to make the most of Fresher’s Week. Skipping them will mean you turn up on the first day with the wrong books and possibly in the wrong room.

Do you really want to embarrass yourself on the first day of class?

Find Your Way Around

Take some time to find your way around campus and around your local area. Find out where the closest supermarket is and what student places there are nearby.

This is a great way to feel more comfortable. It can be really nerve-wracking when you just have no idea about a local area.

Make the most of Fresher’s Week to acclimatize to the area. You’ll want to know where the fire drill points are and where the local gym is when you’re ready to join it. This is also a good time to find out about jobs in the local area.

Attend Fresher’s Fair

If you do nothing else, make sure you do this to make the most of Fresher’s Week! Fresher’s Fair is the place where all the clubs and societies will be. You’ll be able to sign up, or find out when the first session is to go and see what it’s like.
This is a chance to find out about those others that you weren’t too sure about, and figure out whether you want to join them. Don’t sign up for them all. Make a note of first nights or days and then agree to attend for a taster. If you really like it then, join. If not, then you’ve not wasted any money!

You’ll also find a lot of places are offering freebies and discount tokens. Pick up as many as you can. If you get there early, you’ll have more of a chance of getting most of them; places often run out. You can also then go at a later time to get more of them to keep you stocked for the first few weeks of university.

Are you ready to make the most of Fresher’s Week? This is a great opportunity as long as you take hold of it with both hands. Make new friends, get to know the area, and definitely find the clubs and societies that you’re interested in.