First Year Surviving Tips

I know how nervous you can feel going into that first year of uni. Will you make new friends? Will you cope without your parents around? Sure there’s excitement as well, but it’s time to be an adult.

You need to cook, clean, wash, and just look after yourself. If you never had much responsibility at home, are you sure you’re ready to be a fresher? That’s something many students worry for the first time.

Some students find it hard. I know one student who didn’t even know how to bake a potato. My sister met someone who couldn’t wash up!

So, with that in mind, I want to share some tips to prepare for your first year of university.

Take Over Some Aspects of Running the Home

It’s time to become more responsible at home. If you don’t already have some responsibilities, offer to take over some. You could do the laundry or cook for everyone once a day. Just do something that gets you used to doing the everyday tasks you’ll need to survive at university.

Don’t forget about doing the food shop. You’ll need to learn about where everything is in the store and what type of items you’ll likely need for cooking.

Ask About Budgeting

Talk to your parents about budgeting for things like food and electricity. Depending on where you live, your bills may be included in your rent. That will give you a little more leeway but don’t get complacent. It will be much harder to find flats or student houses after you move out of halls of residence.

Find out as much as you can about budgeting. This is something I wish I’d learned more of before I went to university, because I wasn’t too prepared when I went. I blew my money in the first couple of years and only started learning about budgeting from my third year.

Learn to Cook

You don’t need to become a gourmet chef, but learning how to cook the basics will do you some good. Scrambled/boiled eggs, beans on toast, and spaghetti bolognese tend to be the favourites for students.

I’d also recommend learning to make cottage pie, roast chickens (the meat from chickens can easily do you a couple of meals and then the carcass can be used for soup), soups and stews, and pasta bakes. You’ll not only be able to cook the basics, but entertain your friends.

Over time, learn a few other meals. You never know, you may find a love of cooking.

Get Into the Right Frame of Mindtomato

Now is the time to get ready for university. The first week or two is going to involve a lot of socialising. You’ll want to get to know people you live with and those on your course.

After that, you’ll need to buckle down. It can be a steep learning curve from school. You’ll go from being drip fed the information to deciding when you need to take notes. I had one high school teacher who taught this way. All the rest taught in the way of high schools.

Get yourself in the right frame of mind right now. Be ready to take notes and turn up to class. Be ready to grasp all the opportunities university offers with both hands.

Check Out the Area

If you can get to the city you’re going to university, do it. You’ll be able to find the shopping centres, supermarkets, and much more. This can help you prepare for your first year of university because you won’t have to do all the exploring when you’re also trying to socialise and get to know people.

Not everyone can go and check out the area. I couldn’t but I decided to pull up Google Maps. Maps has come a long way since I went to university over 10 years ago. You can get street view and take a look at everywhere in the local area.

Once you get a rough idea, you’ll find it much easier to find places.

Just as a side note, I did this when I moved from Glasgow to Sarnia in Canada. Once I got here, I had a rough idea of where places would be so I could just walk around and confirm the locations.

Prepare for your first year of university and you will find it easier to settle in. You won’t feel like you’re starting from basics, and will be able to focus on making friends and doing well in your studies.