Five reasons there is no shame in moving back home

In this article we try to help you with your fairs about moving home after University.

You Can Regroup and Plan Ahead

When you’re at home, you get the chance to regroup. Getting through university was tough, and you need some time to relax. You may have also decided on your course when you were young, and now wonder if dream career at 18-years-old is still your dream career now as 22.

Some graduates choose to live at home for a month, and then feel ready to get back into the world again. Others can stay for a few months or even a year while they work out their next steps.

Use this time to plan ahead, and decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Save Money for the Future

It’s cheaper to live at home. Some graduates don’t have to pay any rent, while others will cover the cost for their own food and electricity uses. Your parents are likely to be more understanding and helpful than a landlord or letting agency!
This gives you the chance to save up for the future. You may have dreams of owning your own home, and it is easier to reach that dream when you’re paying less in rent. It’s easier to save for your deposit, which is the reason for many graduates to go back home.

Fewer Liabilities and Risks

Living at home brings fewer liabilities. You’re less likely to have the electricity bills in your name or have to worry about council tax. That means fewer risks to your credit rating.

This can be a double-edged sword though. You need some of these on your credit rating to help you in the future. It may be worth working with your parents for one of the bills to be placed in your name temporarily, so you can build a credit rating to buy a house in the future.

With or without the bills in your name, there are also fewer risks when moving back home. Think about the horror stories you hear of landlords and letting agencies. You can trust your parents to make sure you are safe, because they want the best for you.

You Appreciate Privacy and Personal Space More

You’ll be surprised by the amount you take your privacy and personal space for granted when you’re living away from home. You can come and go at all times, and there is no need to worry about waking people up if you live alone.

When you’re with your parents, they want to know where you’re going. This isn’t to be nosey, but to make sure you’re safe. It doesn’t matter what you got up to at university. You’re their little girl/boy. You’re still their baby.

With them constantly in your space and asking questions, you will come to appreciate living away from them.

Time to Find a Job

Finding graduate placements isn’t easy, and you need a job to live alone. If you’re really struggling financially, moving back home can really help. Your parents are going to be there while you try to support yourself.

Of course, they don’t want someone who is just going to scrounge off them. Be prepared for them to ask how your job hunting is going, and whether you have any interviews. And accept that they’re worried you’re spending the little money you have on shopping and socializing.

There’s no shame in moving back home. It’s a necessity for some graduates, and even some students. That doesn’t mean you want to stay there. It could be a good stop gap for a month or so, while you regroup and plan your next step.